T’was the Day Before Christmas

5 for a Christmas Eve Beatdown.

Mosey to Warmorama
Side Straddle Hop x15IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x15IC
Penny Pickers x10IC
Windmills x10IC
Low slow squats x15IC
Mountain Climbers x15IC
Plank Jacks x15IC
Merckens x10 IC

The Thang
Mosey to Portico
Balls to the wall
People’s Chair w/OH Press x15IC
Donkey Kicks x20
Wall Taps x20

Mosey to Picnic Area
Burpee Jump up x10
Incline Merckens x10
Decline Merkens x10

Mosey to Back Parking Lot
Partner up
1. Reverse Bear Crawl
2. Run loop

1. Bear Crawl
2. Run loop

1. Murder Buny w/out Cinderblock
2. Run loop

1. Heels to heaven
2. Run to pull-up bars: pull ups x5

1. Plank Walk ups
2. Run to pull-up bars: chin ups x5

1. Burpees
2. Dips x10 bar or x20 curb

1. Candlestick crunches
2. Run and 5 pull ups

1. Jump Ropes
2. Run Loop

Suicides – 10 Lines

Mosey to Mary
Crunchy Frog x15IC
Homer to Marge
Russian Twists x15IC
Pretzel Stick x10IC then flapjack

– @2Step’s father losing his mother.
– For those struggling at Christmas.