12 Days of COVID

I turned 13 yesterday and only four of you cared enough to post at my Birthday beatdown.  We ran around the AO doing 13ish of a lot of exercises.  My dad busted his AS$ trying to box jump on a wet picnic table and we thought he might be dead. Thankfully he wasn’t and no medical attention was needed.  His pride took a hit, so he may need therapy for a year.  Other than that, we crushed it today.  Clockwork Merkins and the 12 Days of COVID burpee fest were both hits with the Pax.  If you haven’t heard this song, look it up on YouTube. Spot on.

Thanks to my second #Papi @Pongo for the unexpected Bday card and crisp $20 bill.  I’ll use it to pay my dad’s therapy copay.