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F3 MeCa | April 14, 2021

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Baptist Meditation

  • When: 12/17/20
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Gopher, Delta, Tough Skins

YHC took the Q for this AM so anyone not traveling would have an opportunity to come stretch.

Let’s be honest here.  What can you really say about a Broga session?  The highlights:

  • Gopher just finished a good book
  • Tough Skins may get kicked out of church for loading a Yoga and Meditation playlist onto the church’s Spotify account
  • Delta informed us that cheese is the densest food item with the lease caloric value
  • Delta also informed us that gluten can create a mild allergic reaction that causes inflammation in the body
  • Check the Exicon for Doggie Paddle.  Yeah they suck when you do more than say… one.  Coming to a Bootcamp near you!  Beware.
  • Did I mention that I may get excommunicated for playing yoga and meditation music on the church sound system?
  • Oh and we stretched


  • Glad to see so many PAX go support MoTown at Boondocks this AM.  #HIMs
  • Pray for all those on IR and fighting COVID currently.
  • As is always, it was an honor to lead.  TS – out.
Tough Skins

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