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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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No Burpee Saturday!

  • When: 11/28/20
  • QIC: Sir Topham
  • The PAX: The Burgh, Big Country, Steel Cannon

3 men joined the QIC for a Saturday beatdown that was promised not to have 1 burpee or merkin!

Mosey to old Kannon AO launch

warmorama- Motivator 5x, 15 IST and 10 BSNs

the thang: mosey down west Ave for first ladder. 20 dips and run to end of west Ave for 2 squats. Repeat going down by two and up by two each time.

mosey down Vance and over to cannon baller way for next ladder with a hill.  At the top of the hill 10 WWII and run down hill at the bottom for 1 lunge each leg.  Complete ladder with 8 minutes to spare.

mosey back to Mary, however, no Sir Topham Q is complete without a few sprints. 2 sprints around block in front of Mary.

it was a great morning workout. Everyone worked hard on the ladders and pushed on the hills  finished off with the sprints and everyone pushed hard. Big Country had a blow out smoking us all until that moment!  Also had a sighting of Phidipidees and another Rucker or two!

prayers: big country’s leg and grandmasters knee



Thomas DeBoyace

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