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F3 MeCa | April 15, 2021

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Thanksgiving Buffet of Kettlebells

  • When: 11/23/20
  • QIC: Manwich
  • The PAX: Wrong Way, Drago, Hot Pack, Manwich

Three other Pax joined YHC in the gloom this morning for an early Thanksgiving buffet of kettlebells.  Disclaimer read.  Circle up!


Arm circles OYO.  10 X WM IC, 20 X SSH IC.  Moseyed to Suntrust and mixed in some butt kickers, high knees, side shuffles, and quadraphilia.  Circle up 10 X IST IC, 10 X Prisoner Squats IC.  Moseyed to HT parking lot, circle up for 10 X Merkins IC, 10 X Plank Jacks IC.  High knees skip back, lunge walk back to bells.


Thanksgiving Kettlebell Feast:  appetizers, main course, and dessert.  Each course was supposed to be 10 rounds but the Pax got full on the appetizers so we had to dial it back a bit.  All exercises were OYO.  Pax planked and waited on the six once they were done with each course.

  1. APPETIZERS, 8 Rounds:  10 X KB Racked Squats (5/arm), 10 X KB Russian Swings (1 or 2 handed), 10 X KB Merkins (5/arm). Wait on the six to finish then Pax walk a recovery lap.
  2. MAIN COURSE, 8 Rounds:  10 X KB Squat Thrusters (2 hand), 10 X KB Lunge (5/leg), 10 X KB Snatches (5/arm).  Wait on the six to finish then Pax walk a recovery lap.
  3. DESSERT, 5 Rounds: 10 KB Presses (5/arm), 10 KB Lawn Mower Pulls (5/arm), 10 KB Curls (2 hand)

MARY:   10 X Low Flutter w/ bell IC, 10 X W’s w/ bell IC, 10 X Mason Twist w/out bell IC.

MOLESKIN / COT / NAME-A-RAMA:  Thankful for F3 and all the Pax out there!

  • Thanksgiving Day Convergence:  Join F3 Highlands Dutch Boy for the 2nd Annual Highlands Turkey Day Convergence. 0700 am Thanksgiving morning at HCES.
  • Black Friday Convergence: 6th Annual Black Friday Convergence will be this Friday 7AM at North Mecklenburg Park. Firestone and founder of the LKN region Moses are Co-Q’s. 2nd F to follow at 8AM across the street at Primal Brewery. Food, beer, and coffee available.
  • Thanksgiving Weekend Convergence:  From F3 Highlands Dutch Boy:  F3 Nation largest-ever virtual turkey trot on 11/28. MeCa Pax will be running Saturday at Mallard Creek Community Park. 5K or 10K option with pain stations. Read the preblast here: and sign up.
  • 2021 Gremlin CSAUP Signup:  Join your fellow MeCa Pax on 01/30/21 for the best CSAUP around!  Registration for The Gremlin is now LIVE!
  • F3 10Yr Shirt OrderThe F3 10Yr anniversary shirt order is open until 11/26.
  • Continued prayers for YHC’s friend Dan that had a heart transplant last week at Duke.
  • Prayers for injured Pax and all unspoken prayer request.



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