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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Monday Morning!! – Afton

  • When: 11/23/20
  • QIC: Hokie Pokie
  • The PAX: Hop Hunter, 4-Wide, Terrible Towel, Major Pain, Booter, Bravo, Iron City, Porto, Zacchaeus

10 men started off the week right (8 runners and 2 walkers/ruckers). I think everyone who was part of the Saturday Shooter beatdown was running a little slower today, we had to get all the mud off our running shoes!!
Good group this morning, running the “usual” route and even let Major Pain took the lead for a few miles, we are lucky we made it home!!
Great showing by Bravo for your first Afton run. I’m sure that Hop will not do any running in his Wednesday beatdown, so it was a good day to blow out the legs.
Thanks for coming out this morning and start the week off right. See everyone on Wednesday morning.

For the book turkey trout at 07:00 Thursday morning, Afton Parking lot.

Sign up for the Mt Afton Challenge, spaces are going quick.

Hokie Pokie

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