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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Emerging from the Mist

  • When: 10/27/20
  • QIC: Wexler
  • The PAX: Gamma, Deadhead, Nacho Libre, Chitlin, Solocup, Birdcage, T Bone, Clueless, Big Bird, Tumbler, Papa John, Starsky, Bear Claw, Practice, D Day, Al Bundy, Tar Tar, Chris Glasser (FNG), Wexler

19 emerged from the Mist today to literally embrace the Gloom.  Couldn’t see much more than about 10 feet out there but it didn’t stop a crowd from coming out to get stronger!


Warm Up:

Mosey to the far side of the parking lot

  • SSH x 20
  • IST x 15
  • Windmills x 10
  • Mountain Climbers X 20
  • 5 Yurpees OYO

Mosey back to the front


The Thang:

  • Merkins x 10
  • Squats x 10
  • V Ups x 10
  • SSH x 10
  • Run down to next island and back
  • Repeato x 5

20 Squats OYO

  • CDD x 10
  • Curtsey Lunges x 10
  • WW2 Situps x 10
  • In and Outs x 10
  • Run down to next island and back
  • Repeato x 5

20 Squats OYO

  • Leg Pulses x 10
  • Shoulder Taps x 10
  • Reverse Crunches x 10
  • Plank Jacks x 10
  • Run down to next island and back
  • Repeato x 5

Mosey back for Mary


  • W x 15




  • Next Wednesday, November 4th we’re back to Abbington pool house for the Devil’s pitch fork.  Location is here.
  • Next Thursday, November 5th, Grayson is returning to gloom after the major car accident.  He’s been cleared by his doctors and has been ramping things up slowly with @IvyLeague.  2 of his doctors from Winston burn center will be joining that are part of F3 over there.  Would love to have a large group out there for him!
  • The Millennium race on 11/14 has really ramped up the sign ups.  It’s here in case anyone else is still interested.  38 signed up so don’t miss out!!  CVAN will get a great donation and we’ll have a great time in the process.  Win-win!  Thanks for all the support!  Will be a lot of fun watching everyone fight for 2nd place


Great work everyone!  Lots of hard work and support out there this morning!  Shout out to the prerunners @Tbone, Birdcage, and @BigBird for flying through that fog.  Huge shout out to @Tumbler for doing the workout with a ruck.  Respect to @Chitlin for working so hard when he wasn’t feeling great!  Glad to see Chris out two days in a row!  Keep at it!  Always inspiring to see the effort @Solocup puts in on his “Warm up day.”  Always great to see guys jumping in to support each other and to pick up the six.

Coffeteria never disappoints.  Great conversations about Election ads, Golden statues, wives suing mistresses, candy crush while flying through turbulence, a certain Pax circling the workouts looking for ‘customers,’ a Pax’ offering to be a PED connection, and great quotes like, I’m a Methodist like my boy Jesus,’

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and allowing me to lead!



Today’s Date in History:  The first essay of the Federalist Papers was published today in 1787 by Alexander Hamilton calling for the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

Today’s Quote of the Day:  “People sometimes attribute my success to my genius; all the genius I know anything about is hard work.”   – Alexander Hamilton


  • On October 27, 2020

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