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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Leg day!

  • When: 10/16/20
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Pongo, Ribshack, Buckwheat, Tough Skins, Othello, Silas, Booyah, Bluecrush, Hot Corner, Triple Threat, Magui, Gopher

YHC was on tap to Q this morning’s Metal.  However, YHC has been having issues with the right shoulder and is on Doctors orders to not use said shoulder.  What does that mean?  You guessed it, Delta… LEG DAY!

Capri Lap:


– IW

– Happy Appy

– Grandpa Jacks

– Windmills

Penny Pickers

– Mosey around the full parking lot

Tha Thang:

– Grab your bell and head to the line of posts

– Posts = Home base

– Using the lines as a ladder, work up from 1-9

Rnd 1:

– Straight leg deadlifts by line number x2 (example 2,4,6 to 18)

– T-bag squats at base x the number you did at the last line

– Once all the way through 18, we took a lap around the parking lot stopping at the dumpster for calf raises

Rnd 2:

– Come down the ladder (18,16,14, etc)

– Once complete, lap the parking lot stopping at the bathrooms for People’s Chair

Rnd 3:

– Change exercises to Sumo squats at Home Base and Curls on the lines (same count 2,4,6…)



– Always an honor to lead.  YHC hopes your legs thank you.

– Where was Delta?  He called it as leg day and didn’t show to claim his prize.

– Remember the prayer request this morning: Little Hudson’s Family / Hot Corners wife (been called to serve in COVID areas) / Silas’s extended family member that passed too early.

– Take no day for granted gentlemen.  Make the best of today… every day.

– TS out

Tough Skins

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