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F3 MeCa | December 4, 2020

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Missing fellowship and men in pink

  • When: 10/12/20
  • QIC: King Louie
  • The PAX: Frostbite, Dutch, Hot Wheels, Shifu, Five Dollar, King Louie

After a weekend of rain, six men gathered together to blow off some steam in the gloom. @Frostbite arrived first as he often does, with YHC close behind. @Dutch was also walking into the AO at this moment as @Hotwheels cruised up on his bike. As YHC grabbed a kettlebell, Hotwheels enthralled the men with stories about the Great Flood assaulting his backyard. @Shifu arrived and YHC called out a disclaimer and warmup mosey. As Dutch stretched, Shifu ran back to his car for something, and @Five Dollar pulled in late rather than arriving back from a pre-run, we circled the church and gathered next to the Shovel Flag for….

SSH x 15
IST x 10
Penny Picker x 10
Windmill x 10
Monkey Humpers x 10
Merkins x 10
Arm Circles
Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Goblet Squat x 20
KB Swing x 20

Carry Bells to pull up bars:

Pull Ups x 5
Dips x 5 / Curb Dips x 15

Timed set, relay style – When the timer finishes his reps, he goes to station 1, then station 1 goes to station 2, etc – no one is supposed to move until the man before their station gets to them…. Two timers in and almost none of the Pax could follow it anymore (ie: the timer finished and half the pax immediately stop lifting and would shout “SWITCH!”)

Set 1:
Curl Set x 10each (dumb bell curls, db hammer curls, db pronated curls)

Station 1:
KB Swing

Station 2:
Squat Press

Station 3:

Station 4:
TricepT Extenions

Station 5:
Chest Press


Pull Ups x 5
Dips x 5 / Curb Dips x 15

Set 2:
Lat Set x 7each (Side lat raise, front lat raise, bent over lat raise)

Station 1:
Sumo Hi Pull

Station 2:
KB Lunges (some Pax immediately did Figure 8 instead?)

Station 3:
Freddy Mercury

Station 4:
Lateral Raise

Station 5:
Skull Crushers


Pull Ups x 5
Dips x 5 / Curb Dips x 15

Final set, OYO, no rest between sets:
Swing x 10
Shoulder Press x 10
Squat x 10
Curls x 10

Plank when finished, when all Pax are planking do 4 shoulder tap merkins, plank another 30s

There were questions about bringing lighter dumb bells, requests to borrow the M’s weights even if they were pink, and talk of wearing pink because Arnold did it. Thanks for showing up to the beatdown this morning, men! The numbers had been a bit low last week and YHC feared many would fartsack after so much rain and gloom all weekend. Good way to start the week and chase off the gloom!

King Louie


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