Boulder Shoulder Suicides

Magnificent seven showed up for a second-ever Q by Kumho. A few steady vets failed to show, sending my confidence soaring! But the hearty group gathered and set off to get better.


Short mosey in front of school to gather for warm-o-rama.

All IC: Side Straddle Hops (15); Imperial Storm Troopers (15); Windmill (15); Penny picker (10 – because we have a coin shortage).

The Thang:

Grab some cinderblock and head to basketball court.

Like your old high school coach drilled you – we were in for some classic (and not so classic) suicides. Not sure if suicide is a PC term or not.

Some shoulder work walking blocks high over head, mixed in with running lines. Half way and back; Full court and back. In between, throw some exercises in:

Squats (10) 4 times

Curls (10) 4 times

Bent over rows (10) 4 times

Decline Merkins (20 – a bit aggressive) – 4 times

Lunge walk thrown in as what was called a “time waster”

Lay the block down, standard suicide run with some Plank Jacks at the end (20)

Return blocks; final run (backward half-court; forward sprint and karoke it home).

A few minutes left so why not throw in 20 incline push ups and 20 dips with loop runs around the parking lot, all the while smelling the french toast sticks cooking in the school.


15 LBC, 15 Pretzel crunch and flapjack, 10 low flutterss.

Prayers for all those enduring tough times, and those who have passed away recently (Kumho’s former colleague) and loved ones who passed one year ago (Plunger).

Rest those shoulders boys!

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  1. Jimmy Buffett

    I wouldn’t worry too much about being PC around here. Heatstroke has a route that he has dubbed as the Jeffrey Epstein Suicide cruise; it involves bridges.

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