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F3 MeCa | April 17, 2021

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The Best of the IPC

  • When: 09/30/20
  • QIC: Big Blue
  • The PAX: Zaccheaus, Shooter, Opie, Terrible Towel, Hop Hunter, Hokie Pokie, 4-wide, Booter, Major Pain, Big Blue

After 5 weeks of the Iron Pax Challenge, I figured the PAX wouldn’t want to stop cold turkey, might be withdrawal issues, convulsions, revolts, etc…  I decided best bring them a workout to “taper down” so to speak, from the IPC.  Lately, I have also heard grumblings from our MQ about not enough time devoted to Mary, PAX is getting a little soft in the middle, planks are starting to look like some cheap warped 1x1s from Lowe’s, you get the picture – sagging in the middle. Please don’t shoot the messenger, just repeating what the MQ himself said.  And that is how the plan for the beatdown came about.


Warm-a-rama: IST IC x 15, Penny Pickers IC x 10, Mountain Climber IC x 15, Slow Merkins IC x 10, Lateral Hop Squat tried in cadence, didn’t work too well, did them for a while, lets just say 10.  (please don’t judge this workout by the failure of this one activity)

Grab a block and head to medical building parking lot.


The Thang: Partner up, repeat one exercise from weeks 1 – 4 of the IPC.  Partner 1 performs exercise, Partner 2 performs some movement from point A to B. Switch when Partner 2 returns

Week 1; Partner 1 – Hand Release Release Merkins (100); Partner 2 – Lunge walk to speed bump and back.

Week 2: Partner 1 – Vertical Block press (100); Partner 2 – bear crawl to speed bump, run back

Week 3: Partner 1 – Squats (200); Partner 2 – karaoke to speed bump and back

Week 4: Partner 1 – Block merkins, one on each side counts as 1 (75); Partner 2 – run to other end of parking lot and back.


Mosey Back for Mary – Play Bay City Rollers – Saturday Night:  When spelling S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y side straddle hop; otherwise in plank position doing a merkin when they say “Saturday”  – approx. 3 min.

Tabata – 5 cycles, 2 exercises (planned on 5 exercises but ran out of time) 20 sec on 10 sec rest

Luge, LBC (Exercises missed – RBC, Low Flutter, crunchy frog – feel free to do them OYO for extra credit.


Prayers: Tugboat’s nephew Bryce (17) – cancer, cure for covid, strength to be better leaders in community/home


Announcements: Mount Afton Challenge to raise money for Bryce’s cancer treatment – Jan. 9.

MECA Golf outing this weekend – good luck Terrible Towel and Hop Hunter  (and Hokie P and Uecker representing dawghouse)

MECA 20K to end 2020 – get signed up now… you don’t want to fall behind on your burpees.

Big Blue

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