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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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8 segments, sorry I mean 7 segments for Major Pain

  • When: 09/21/2020
  • QIC: Big Blue
  • The PAX: Wide Right, Tugboat Willie, Zaccheaus, Hop Hunter

After endless weeks of listening to Major Pain complain about us always running the “same old” route and Major Pain not taking the bait of Qing a run himself to switch it up, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I recalled a Strava segment run that YellowCake lead a year or so ago and so the plan was hatched.  Last week I did my recon and found that there are 8 Stava segments in the Afton Village area, just enough to occupy 45 minutes of time.

Five pax showed up for the run.  When I arrived Zacchaeus and Hop were already running laps around the parking lot and Tugboat Willie was in his car trying to stay warm as the morning temps had dipped down to “perfect for running” but we all know that meant Tugboat would be dressed like it was 20 degrees.  Wide Right shows up in a tank top and running shorts which brought the “you think this is summer” comment from the man in the snowsuit.

As we gathered Hop and Tugboat were commiserating on running sprint laps in the Laps for Hope event in Harrisburg this past Saturday.  I felt a little bad, but not too bad, about springing my plans on them.  Of course they were overjoyed at the opportunity for some more sprints in the early morning gloom.  I was majorly disappointed that there was no Major Pain to enjoy my Q.

Off we went at a nice slow pace until we hit the first segment.  Then it was short moseys to the next segment followed by Segment sprints.  We ended back on the track in park for the eighth and final sprint. Upon checking Strava afterwards, some how we missed one of the Segments – clockwise around the Y.  Not sure what I did wrong but I’ll do better recon next time so I don’t cheat you out of your eighth segment.


Prayers for Brice, 17 yr old nephew of Tugboats who is fighting cancer (has been since birth).

Afterwards, Hop said he was headed out for a few more miles and he got 3 of us to join him.  Some strong work this morning with between 5 and 8ish miles for everyone with sprint work mixed in.

Great work Men, way to start the week off right.

Big Blue

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