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F3 MeCa | December 3, 2020

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  • When: 09/13/20
  • QIC: Uecker
  • The PAX: King Louie, Booya, Habs, stubbsy, Solocup, flip phone, submarine, man down, Gapper, exit 54, bird cage, dick Tracy, Dutch boy, Tootsie, number 1, starsky, laser, ponyboy, snowsuit, Silas, torch, roadie, heatstroke, dr. Lecter, mayhem, clump, Greek, Uecker

8 weeks ago Habs asked YHC if I knew when the HEC was starting or if Meca was doing it this year.  Little did I know that when I would ask this question in the MQ channel, it would lead to me becoming the Q!

YHC decision to start the HEC was easy, I had put on some weight since last year and I knew it was poor eating choices, so what better way to get yourself back to where you want to be with a good ol HC!

The HEC goal for me was a better choices kinda thing,  so while I did modify as necessary, I did stick to the challenge for 6 weeks and lost 6-7 lbs.  I probably would have lost more if I cut out drinking, but that’s crazy talk.

Harrisburg AO had the most attendees in the HEC, some said it was cause they have all the fattys, other said it was because they are the Biggest AO, and some even suggested that it is because they are the B.B.B..E..S….t and always W…W….W….I….n, but again crazy talk.

Submarine who is a DAWGHOUSE AO member lost the most weight and won some money, so I guess the Dawgs win again, sorry Burgers.

Great work was put in by everyone and King Louie, Solo cup and Submarine were great on the channel keeping everyone motivated and helping out when someone was struggling.

untill next year! SYITG!

Scottie Altschuler


  1. Bill Brown

    Time to spead the joy… HEC yeah! I know I have been off line for a while… I am living in ATL and finally made to the Terminus AO this morning. I want to introduce the PAX to the HEC… Pressing on…

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