9/11 #neverforget workout at #Tradition

Eleven men appeared on this September morning to swing some kettle bells and make themselves better.  Bells were not part of the Q’s plan, but getting better was on the weinke. It went a little something like this:

9/11 Commemoration Beatdown #neverforget

Warmup mosey to: SSH x 9, IST x 11, Windmill x 9, Mountain Climber x 11

Mosey to Pull-up Bars: 4 pull-ups then 12 push-ups, repeated each minute for 17 minutes (17 minutes was the time elapsed between the Tower 1 airplane crash at 8:46am, and Tower 2 airplane crash at 9:03am; 412 is the number of emergency workers in NYC killed on 9/11)

Mosey to brick pile to grab a cinder block and then over to the steps/seats: Step-ups holding blocks x 184 total (184 was the number killed at the Pentagon on 9/11)

Mosey to return blocks and finish with Mary:  Todd Beamers x 40 (aka box-cutters in honor of United Flight 93 that killed 40 people on 9/11)


  1. Honored to have 11 men join me and share in this 9/11 remembrance workout.  We did what I think all people should do on 9/11 and that is share stories. Stories about what you remember about the day 9/11/2001, stories about people you know or have met that were directly involved, stories about how that day has changed all our lives. #neverforget
  2. Great to meet FNG Drew, @Lucky Dog, and @FiveDollar this morning. #expandingourranks
  3. @FiveDollar shared his 9/11/01 story by saying his day started when his mom called him to wish him happy 27th birthday…what a minute, that means today…#hbd
  4. @KingLouie was rudely corrected when he thought he had the Q today. I guess he didn’t check Slack, kind of like I never saw on Slack that he and his M are expecting their 1st child! #congrats
  5. Prayers for our country, emergency workers, US military, Covid, and may the 2,977 lives that were lost on 9/11/2001 rest in peace. #prayforpeace