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F3 MeCa | June 12, 2021

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The Rolling Stone 6 year Trifecta celebration!

  • When: 09/09/20
  • QIC: Sugar, Kilowatt, Heatstroke, Jimmy Buffett
  • The PAX: Sugar, Kilowatt, Heatstroke, Jimmy Buffett, Grinder, Steel Cannon, Love Seat, Risky Business, Sir Topem Hat, Firestone, Master PO, Skipper, Greek, Powerball, Chowder, Cupid, MC, Schnitzel, Backdraft, Greeter, Hugo, Chachi, Thickburger, Man Down, Moop Dog, Sparky, Parkour, Pacino, Drago, Hot Pack, Cheerwine, Two-step, Stifler, Soprano, Whip, missing one (Cobains).

So a few weeks ago it was mentioned that our 6 year Anniversary of RS was coming up. Or should I say ‘sneaking up’! The question of “what do we want to do?” was posed. During my weekly River Ruck with Dog that question was often coming back into my head and after a few miles and some ‘inspiration’ an idea appeared. A convergence of course, but often not being a fan of ‘the usual’ it came to me: options!
Here’s what I was thinking: ‘Meet at HRMS (bigger lot as hopefully we’ll have a decent group), we’ll offer a tradition Bootcamp, a Cruise/Ruck and a Kettle Bell workout. 3 separate workouts that represent our offering (I know we technically have 4 but throwing M3 into KB). It’ll split the group based on PAX attending whichever they like. We’ll need a Q for each.’

So a quick mention on slack, a positive response, a few suckers (i.e. Volunteers), a private channel and bam, that’s pretty much how it went.
Big thanks to Heatstroke, Kilowatt, Jimmy Buffett, MC, Steel Cannon and Manwich for being a part the planning And of course a big thanks to the PAX for showing up to support. Also – Huge thanks to the Men who decided to plant an AO at HRMS 6 years ago!

The Thang:sd
All PAX gather around for disclaimer and instructions on options. Pick your poison: Run, Ruck, Kettle Bells or Boot camp and get after it!

Bootcamp – YHC
Mosey to front of school for warmup with 3 to 4 of ‘the usual’ and then over to the wall for a little Peoples Chair with Air Presses and Can, Cans.

Mosey to the Track for some 4 corners. 2,4,6,8. 3 rounds, PAX choice: Merkins, WWIIs and Burpees!!
(apologies for the nice lady who expected a quiet run around the track but instead got us) 🙁

Indian Run to the Chuck Norris Memorial Alcove for a few bad jokes and LBCs.

Mosey to the wall for some partner muscle-ups with a run to crosswalk and back for the timer then off to the steps for some’non covid appropriate’ partner wheel barrows up and down.

Mosey to school entrance for partner dips and double step ups – 50 of each, combined.

No time for Mary – head back to join up with our Brothers for COT.

Kettle Bells – Kilowatt
Line up with your bell for the following Kettle Bell Suicides
12 parking lot lines make up the course.
Run down and back(suicides) when you get back to the curb do the following exercise
Odd number lines – Clean & Press (each arm)
Even number lines – Thrusters
reps are decided by the number line you are at.
2nd round
Odd number lines – One arm curls (each arm)
Even number lines – Triceps Extension
3rd round
Odd number lines – Chest Press
Even number lines – Pull over
This leaves us in a convenient spot for MARY. ALL IC
Mason Twist X 15
W X 15
Pretzel Crunch X 10 each side
LBC X 25

The Satisfaction Cruise – Jimmy Buffett

6 or so PAX for what we will going forward call ‘The Spermazoa’

The Ruck – Heatstroke
Another 6 or so PAX for the Double Lizard Greenway/Neighborhood Ruck with Coupons!!


Again, big thanks to the planners and the PAX who showed! I hope ya’ll got a little taste of what our Rolling Stone has to offer! I’ve been fortunate enough in my almost 6 years to meet some awesome Brothers and for me it all started with this AO. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be involved in the discussions and launches of a few AOs. The discussions, the ‘what ifs’, the concerns, hesitations and also the many annual anniversary celebrations. Launching AOs is our Mission – Plant, Grow, Serve. None of that happens without the launch. Think of the Brothers that you’ve met who got their start at Davis Lake, Rolling Stone, Comanche, Afton, Kannon and others. Now think about not having a chance to know them had we not followed our Mission of Plant, Grow, Serve!

Plant, Grow, Serve!


  • On September 9, 2020

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