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F3 MeCa | September 20, 2020

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Wake for Mayweathers Dead Balls

  • When: 08/06/20
  • QIC: Indiana
  • The PAX: Spud BCR BD Tick Tombstone Catfish Neverland MM Ace Java Pvt Ryan Hipbone Indy Hops TP

A slow gentle walk to upper lot: Grab a block or paver

Warm up

SSH x 25 IC
Elbow Plank 1 min
AS x 15 IC
Elbow Plank 1.5 min
MERKs x 15
Elbow Plank 2 min with leg raises
Arm Circles


Tabata with 6 exercises with Suicide Recoveries

40 sec full on AYG /20 sec recovery x 3 cycles each station then rotate


AS x 3 then SUICIDEs down the front drive
Windmill MERKINS x 3 then SUICIDEs
V ups with block x 3 then SUICIDES
Goblet Squats x 3
Stump Jumper Plank Jack x 3
Curl Push Press x 3 then SUICIDEs

Broga :down dog, cobra, childs pose, runners stretch

MOLESKIN: Nary an FNG. I guess we don’t know any mo peeps.  Lots of quiet breathing during the planks. This always amazes me. We ran short on time during tabata and I had to bag 2 reps of suicides on the fly.  F3 is good food for the soul. I am 55 and still am blessed to have decent health allowing me to chase you fools around.  Its the PGA this week and finally a MAJOR on the tele.  I highly recommend watching or streaming on ESPN+ the FEATURED GROUPS..Yesterday was Tiger, Justin Thomas, and Rory. You follow the players for every shot on 18 holes. It really is fantastic drama.  I forgot the world was on fire for most of the day. Remember to continue to stay safe. Prayers for the friends of Spud in MT and for all of us that may be suffering loss or have friends that are struggling for whatever reason.  There are a lot of us under enormous stress during this time in history.  Remember to take care of yourself and to help others. Mind, body, and SOUL.  Blessings and Grace.  Indy


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