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F3 MeCa | May 13, 2021

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Tire Recon and Recovery

  • When: 05/26/2020
  • QIC: Hot Wheels
  • The PAX: ONJ, Skipper, Herbie and HotWheels

4 Brave PAX posted on a warmer and humid morning, more so than we have grown a accustomed to so far this year.  Great to see ONJ again, and man, can he bring a story to life, we felt like we had all been transported to Iowa this morning for one of the largest organized Bicycle events in the world.  Fun trip, lot’s of beer and concierge serivce is available for those with $$$…. Can’t hide money ONJ.

Warm O Rama

Morey around Alcatraz to Check In for 20 SSH, mosey another lap around Alcatraz for 10 Daisy Pickers / 10 Wind Mills, ( It’s 6:35, where’s Sterling? ) 20 IST, 10 Low Slow Mercins, 20 MC and 10 Low Slow Squats 9

The Thang

Head into the forest for a Tire Reconnaissance Mission with a recovery and extraction plan to execute.  Mission Accomplished!

YHC decided to try a safe, partner based, coupon inclusion, beat down that went something like this.

Two of the extracted and recovered Tires were placed on the outer perimeter stripes of the Cell Block. Each PAX acquired their own personal coupon, no sharing was permitted.   Once partnered up, each partner put their personal coupon approximately 6 feet to the right or to the left of their tire.  We had two full set ups like this.

When flipping a tire, the tire has 4 touch points, we’ll call them touch points A,B,C and D.  For a tire being flipped in only one direction, it is touched at points A and C, when the tire is flipped back in the other direction, it is only touched at points B and D.  To prove this point Skipper marked his tire with chalk and gave it a flip, the response……Huh, I guess that’s right. ( To be sure ONJ also marked his tire with an X )

So with all the safe guidelines strictly in place “The Thang” went something like this;

Partner 1, The Timer, Flips the tire one-way to the far side of the cell block while Partner 2 works on the assigned exercise with their very own personal coupon.  When Partner 1 reaches the other side of the cell block flipping the tire ( only touching points A and C ) he moseys back to his coupon to begin the assigned exercise while Partner 2 moseys across the cell block to flip the tire back ( only touching points B and D )  Time to begin and work though the following exercises as listed on the Cell Block floor.


Bent Over Rows


Bench Press

Double Taps

Complete one full round, take the Precinct loop Mosey.

Complete second round as a group, with out the Tire Flipping.

All Coupons up and head back to Check In


20 Low Flutters, 10/10 Pretzel Crunch, 10 Mason Twist, 30 Second Plank, Recover, Recover, Recover!

Prayer Requests to ONJ sister starting Chemo yesterday.



  1. HotWheels

    Anybody read this thing today?

  2. Skipper

    Ahoy! Nice beatdown @Hotwheels.

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