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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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All abs, no burpees

  • When: 05/19/20
  • QIC: SS Minnow
  • The PAX: Tar Tar, Dick Tracy, Dr. Lecter, Wexler, Gamma, Clueless, SoloCup, Kojack

The rain stopped long enough to get a half-way dry workout in. 0600 rolled around and 6 men headed for Mary. Three more joined the fray by the time the moseying was done. These 9 HIM took advantage of this break for some core work:

  • Mosey to Warm-o-rama with high knees and kaeroke left and right


  1. Side Straddle Hop
  2. Windmill
  3. Imperial Storm Troopers
  4. Merkins
  5. Mountain Climbers

Short mosey to sidewalk in front of school.

The Thang

  • 3 rounds of 45sec on / 15 sec rest of the following 10 exercises
    • Mosey around parking lot between the sets
  1. Toe Touch Crunch
  2. High Knees
  3. Mason Twist
  4. Leg Raises
  5. Hip Raises
  6. Flutter Kicks
  7. Elbow Plank w/alternating knee to elbow
  8. Superman Pulses
  9. Side Straddle Hops
  10. Double Crunch
  • Brisk run to Mary
  • Crunchy Frog to end it – from SoloCup

Moleskin / Announcements

  • The promise of no burpees may or may not have gotten more Pax out this morning. Either way…..way to push yourselves, men!
    • Abs work may help pay off when you go to a (South Carolina) beach this summer.
  • Solo Cup was angling for the dryness and comfort of the portico. YHC couldn’t succumb to that cajoling, although we did settle for a half-way dry spot on the sidewalk.
  • Lots of mumble-chatter this morning…makes the workout go quicker.


  • Remember T-Bone in your prayers as his Grandfather passed away
  • Also, a friend of Solo Cup has been diagnosed with breast cancer and prayers are requested
  • DT is making headway on social media and other outlets to spread the word about F3.Help out with some posts.
  • Dont; forget Kojack’s 24 hour ruck this Saturday starting at 9:00am to honor soldiers and law enforcement who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and communities, and alsoto raise money for the Harrisburg Area Food Pantry. Donations can be sent through PayPal (

“No one can say, ‘You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.’ The human spirit is indomitable.” Sir Roger Bannister (first sub-four minute mile, in 1954)


SS Minnow

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