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F3 MeCa | March 27, 2020

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Flatten the Curve Virtually!

Flatten the Curve Virtual WOD

Mosey for a few min 

Jacked up

SSH x 50 IC

Seal jacks x 40 IC

Plank jacks x 30 IC

Smurf jacks x 20 IC

Jack Webbs x 10 IC

Mosey for a few min

1-9 Ladder (Covid 19? Get it?)

WWIIs & Squat Jumps

Mosey for a few min to a place with a wall

“Flatten the Curve”

All reps are single count

Run a short lap after each exercise to recover

Burpee x 1

Core Killers x 3

Mike Tyson’s x 9 

Bobby Hurley’s x 27

Freddie Mercs x 81

Calf raises x 243

Uh oh…see where this is going?

Pax will quit if the count gets above 250! (If the number of infected who need hospitalization is more than available ICU beds in US – about 100K – they’ll begin to die!)

But now social distance!

Burpee x 10 (No groups over 10!)

Pretzel Crunches x 6 each side (6ft apart!)

And now the curve begins to flatten

LBCs x 162

Mountain Climbers x 81 

Lunges x 54 (27 each leg)

Toe touches (people’s chair on wall and lift leg one at a time and touch your toes when fully extended. One toe touch is 1 rep) x 36

Merkins x 18

Burpee x 6

Finish early? You get a gold star! 

Now do Star Jumps x 15

And repeat the curve until 10 min left

Mosey back to start


Crunchy Frogs x 15 IC (I’ll know in my heart if you didn’t do them)

Mason Twists x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

WWIIs x 15

Freddy Mercs x 15 IC


Recover Recover and you’ve done Day 4 of the Ab Challenge!

Chicken Strip

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