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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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V-Day slurpees?

  • When: 02/14/2020
  • QIC: SandBag
  • The PAX: KleanUp, NextDoor, Pavarotti, Poutine, Skipper, SandBag

YHC showed up early and illuminated the path up the hill to the track for the planned workout.  As the PAX rolled in, a student? was there extra early to entertain with high skateboard prowess.  Or to steal our wallets.  In honor of V-Day, Skipper and YHC wore red.  Everyone else forgot the date apparently.

After a thorough disclaimer, also disclaiming this was my first time Qing Cardio/Speed, we moseyed to the middle school.  Along the way we did some speedy high knees, butt kickers and agility shuffles.


SSH IC x 40

Seal Jacks IC x 30

Plank Jacks IC x 20

Smurf Jacks IC x 10

This would have been a Jack-a-rama if we had started at 50 and inserted 20 elbow planks jacks, but those just suck.


The Thang

The workout was entitled the “Slurpee”

What rhymes with Slurpee?  Burpee!  Where do you get Slurpees?  7-11!

On the hill path to the track, there were 3 lights set up to illuminate our way.

We did a ladder of 1 – 10 burpees,  1 at the bottom, 10 at the top; 2 – 9, etc  – always totaling 11.

At each light on the way up we stopped and did 7 air squats.

110 burpees (although it felt like a lot more) + 210 air squats + 2.25 miles of hill sprints.




Timelaps(e) – possibility of forming a 3rd team if interest

Passport challenge starting 3/1 – see Poutine’s posts on slack for details

Remember our brothers on mission trips – Brutus and Hugo still abroad, Landlord just returning

Good luck to NextDoor as he runs a 5K tomorrow.  Happy long weekend to those who celebrate President’s Day.

On V-Day let’s remember that we don’t treat our wives special one day of the year, we should treat them that way every day.  There is a reason we call them M in F3, they are our Most important ring.  Remember the 2.0s watch how we treat our spouse and will model their own behavior accordingly.

Always a pleasure to lead such fine men.


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