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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Five Stations of Fun

  • When: 02/13/2020
  • QIC: Phidip
  • The PAX: Cupid, Ace, Spud, Java, Anvil, Homeland, Pvt Ryan, Tombstone, Phidip

9 PAX showed and 9 PAX became better men in balmy globally-warmed conditions 

Warm up @ Nursing Home That Constantly Changes Names
15 Windmills

15 Hillbillies

15 Contact Lens Picker Uppers
The Thang:
Five stations of Fun, each Station has three exercises.   Break PAX up into teams of three and each PAX does one of the exercises, one of which is the “timer” by dint of number of reps.   PAX rotate so that all three get the full benefit of Fun at each Station before moving on.

Station 1: Rock Pile
Timer: 20 Rock Thrusters
Exercise 1: Rock KGB’s
Exercise 2: Rock Woodchoppers

Station 2: Upper Parking Lot
Timer: 20 Side Kicks Each Leg
Exercise 1: Crunchy Frogs
Exercise 2: Star Jumps

Station 3: Pull-Up Bar
Timer: 8 Merkin Pull-Ups
Exercise 1: Diamond Merks
Exercise 2: Touch Ground Jump Shots

Station 4: Lower Parking Lot
Timer: 20 Slam Balls
Exercise 1: Burpees
Exercise 2: V-Ups

Station 5: Church Wall
Timer: 25 Mike Tysons
Exercise 1: Cojones-to-Wall or Butt-to-Wall Handstand
Exercise 2: People’s Chair/Wall Sit with Jack Webb

Keep circulating until Mary
Runner-type Broga with a back bend thrown in.

YHC was worried about numbers being even until Ace tore in at 5:31:30 to give us divisible-by-three number, although eight brave souls showed up for a promised beat-down.   PAX, where are you?

Each Station tested one muscle group and it was gratifying to hear to grunts and expletives coloring the peaceful, balmy morning.   The 3-man team is a great format and Q is thankful for his teammates Anvil and Tombstone.   Some Stations were surely harder, like doing a handstand after 25 Mike Tysons (the number didn’t seem so big when it was being planned).  Slappy the Slamball really enjoys his F3 outings so you will see more of him.    Spud rightfully pointed out that a Merkin Pull Up was in fact a just a Burpee with a Bar, so it shall be henceforth (“I have spoken”).
Prayers out for Anvil’s grandmother Shirley and to their entire family, as they pay witness to this last transition in life.   It is part of God’s plan but that doesn’t make it any easier.   Also to Ace’s colleague at work, Tracy, who is enduring a battle of her own with a very serious flu.   Strength to her, to all recovering PAX, and to all those whose silent prayers are nonetheless with us each morning as we gather.


  • On February 13, 2020

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