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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Halftime Shows and Cover Bands

  • When: 02/05/20
  • QIC: Tough Skins
  • The PAX: Gopher, Booyah, Othello, Chum, Tough Skins

YHC rolled up to the ABC early to get the tunes cranked.  With some good classic rock to keep us company (even if half of them were cover bands) we got our stretch on.

We started with a slow, controlled flow from mountain through runners pose into pigeon.  Then we flapjacked to take care of the other side.  Next we got on our 6 and went through some leg and hip stretches.  For the last 10 minutes we switched to rollers so everyone could hit any areas that needed special attention.

– Always an honor to lead

– There was WAY too much conversation about this weekend’s halftime show.

– Its becoming apparent Othello might like his Wednesday night yoga a little too much 😳

– Maybe next week we all can run as far as Othello during Broga.  That’s impressive!  We didn’t even see you move from your mat!

– On a serious note: Don’t forget to check on everyone around you.  If you need help with storm damage please let the PAX know.

Tough Skins

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