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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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The Other Side

  • When: 12/09/19
  • QIC: Booyah
  • The PAX: Change Order, Nimbus, Big Tuna, Man Bun, Blue Crush, Silas, Spackler, Othello

The east side of Veterans Memorial park is perfect.  It has a track, two soccer fields a half dozen tennis courts, four wall ball courts and almost everything you need for a good beat down. However, since the pay to play group has taken over the main picnic shelter I’ve noticed we seldom head west.  The winter darkness doesn’t help either but I felt like today was a good as any to head that way and find a hill.



Disclaim, head towards the younger kids playground and up the hill to the sand volleyball pits for COP



IW X20

Happy Appy X20

Windmill X20


Mosey to bottom of the hill to count into two groups and grab a rock. Group one does called exercise while group two runs back to the volleyball pits, then flapjack.


Chest Press

Tricep extensions

Shoulder presses



SSH(no hands). This one kinda sucked.


Return rocks to creek for a chalkboard effort.

5 Burpees

30 Mountain Climbers

20 Merkins

30 lunges

30 squats

30 WWIIs

and the end of each completed exercise tear ass up the hill, touch the left center field fence and come back down for the next one.  There was at least one other exercise but I didn’t take a picture of the chalkboard prior to recycling.


Mecklenburg County is bless with tons of hills but few are in Mint Hill and not around our AOs so it was nice to take advantage of a couple this morning.  Good for the lungs I hear.  Solid work, gents.  Let’s do it again sometime.


Injuries are hitting the Mint Hill PAX real hard.  The Body, Crabs and Hornet are all on the shelf.  Keep them and their recovery in your prayers.  Also, if your injured .. come on out and hang anyway, especially for Broga on Thursdays.  Even if you’re just stretching or walking it always feels better to be out in the gloom

High Chair is meeting everyone for pints at CharBar Wednesday night before he heads to Atlanta for good.   Go have a pint with him.  More details on slack.

Also .. possible yard cleanup at The Body’s this weekend.  Othello will advise later this week on Slack.





Adam Butler

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