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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Five for a 5K (and then some)

  • When: 12/6/19
  • QIC: Dutch Boy
  • The PAX: Pavarotti, Othello, Poutine, KleanUp, Dutch Boy

With the recent rebrand of Highlands Friday beatdown from Speed to Cardio, YHC took some liberties while planning today’s Q. The heart rate would elevate to be sure, but instead of the limited-to-no running approach taken by some Qs lately, YHC decided to go the other way: distance running with fun in between.

A disclaimer was given to the five men gathered in The Gloom, including our Mint Hill brother and Gremlin MQ @othello, and the directions were given to be as follows:

The Thang

Run the ‘Run the Creek’ 5K route, with the below pain stations thrown in. All exercises done IC

  • At the HCES entrance: Seal Jacks x15
  • At the Pkwy & Fairvista: Mountain Climbers x15
  • At the far Beauvista Entrance: Shoulder Taps x15
  • Exiting Beauvista: Mike Tysons (jump lunges) x9
  • At the Pkwy & Fairvista: YHC doesn’t remember x15
  • At the Pkwy & Shelley: Heismans x15

When we returned to the (invisible) shovel flag, we circled up for some EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) work, doing the below exercises as fast as we can then resting until the clock reset to the next minute. We did this four times.

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 LBCs (for the last 3 rounds)

We then circled up (again) for…

Mary (IC)

  • Poutine Low Flutters (x15)
  • Mason/Mexican/American Twist (x15)
  • Stretching

Recover, recover




  • Great work today men. Obviously a very different Friday, but I think it accomplished the Cardio goal. As @poutine said, it sucked but in the good way.
  • Thanks for coming out @othello, enjoyed the 2nd F as we ran along. Don’t make @poutine hold the tent for ransom next time to get you to post.
  • Glad to see @kleanup out posting miles again. Hope it’s the start of a solid return from the IR
  • Safe travels to @pavarotti as he ventures west to watch his beloved Steelers in the Valley of the Sun. Tighten those chin straps.
  • Also, it may be time to get @pavarotti velcro shoes. He had to tie his shoes no less than 4 times over 3.1 miles.
  • Gremlin sign-ups ( and shirt orders ( are both live. Please, please get your name in the hat ASAP as food needs, etc., are being coordinated. @othello had very positive things to say about his expectations for participations from Highlands, so let’s not let him down.
  • TIME LAPS(E). Down to 161 days remaining until go time! We are officially 23 weeks out.
  • Get out there and be the men we all know we are and are meant to be. Continue reaching out to those Kotters. I talked with @illuminati today and expect him back for Monday’s Trailer of Paint!
Dutch Boy


  1. Disaster

    I am also looking forward to the “Trailer of Paint” just to see what the hell that is. Clearly some kind of collaboration between you and Poutine based on some of your leftover work inventory.

    • Dutch Boy

      Yea, I guess my muscle memory added the T, though I can bring some if need be

  2. Pavarotti

    Good stuff, DB.

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