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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Off to run we go!

  • When: 12/02/19
  • QIC: Head & Shoulders
  • The PAX: Silas, Othello, Booyah, Chum and Head & Shoulders

The men of Mint Hill met this morning at 5:30 a.m. for some miles. The Q showed up early for some extra credit (there was a message on Slack from Othello to get additional miles early) but the Othello train had already left the station and only on passenger made it to the station in time was Silas.  Keep in mind that we had no idea until later that Silas actually was running with Othello on the pre-run.

With that said, the Q went out for a couple of miles and made it back to the flags for the official 5:30 a.m. launch. The group was gathering and out of the gloom we see Othello rolling in and who is with him, none other than Silas. The two came rolling to the flag and the the words “I am done” or maybe it was “uncle” (nobody really knows) came from Silas as you could clearly see that unknowingly he was sucked up in what is called the Othello vortex. It wasn’t clear what was beating faster, the safety vest that Silas was wearing or his heart but one thing was clear, Silas is now clear what the Othello vortex will do to a common PAX.

The group gathered and the Q made the disclaimer and then off to get in 3 miles with some additional LSS along the way. The route went out 1.5 and back to the flag for a quick 3 miles.

Announcements – Saturday the Mint Hill 5K launching from the Vet. Contact Othello if you can help man the tent or if you can help with set up etc.

Head & Shoulders will be sending out a date and time for roadside cleanup on Hwy 218 (Rick Pinto) memorial section of Hwy 218 . Stayed tuned to Slack for date and time.

Silas – running strong brother and now that you have survived the Othello vortex, you are even stronger – Steel sharpens steel

Othello – brother you are a beast

Chum – love having you back on a regular basis

Booyah – always getting extra credit with the launch from home and running in and back from a running workout – strong

I am proud to lead and be a part of this group




Head N Shoulders

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