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F3 MeCa | July 13, 2020

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Hump Day Pain at the Courts…

  • When: 12/4/2019
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: 4-Wide, Gig 'em, Amway, Hokie Pokie, Guiness, Timeout, Porto, Terrible Towel, Hop Hunter

YHC had not planned to Q a beatdown this week but happily accepted the opportunity when Amway let it be known that the job was needing to be filled or that a Sharknado may be blowing in.  When YHC pulled in, most of the pax were already gathered (as usual).  Initial glance indicated we had a strong showing for hump day.  In the end, we had 9 studs for the hump day challenge.  As 5:30 hit, YHC gave a quick disclaimer and off we went.

It went something like this…


Mosey across the bridge and run a lap around the outside of the tennis courts followed by entering the gate and circling up.

SSH IC x20, Hillbilly IC x20, Windmills IC x10 , Cotton Pickers IC x10 , Mountain Climbers IC x20,  Merkins IC x10, 5 Yurpees OYO

The Thang

First up some court work…

  • Leg Skip – 5 burpees at end (repeat back across)
  • High Knees – 10 Hand Release Merkins at end (repeat back across)
  • Butt Kickers – 10 WWIIs at end (repeat back across)
  • Lunge walk – 10 Mary Katherine’s at end (repeat back across)
  • Side lung walk – 10 Wide arm Merkins at end (repeat back across)
  • Backwards run – 10 squats at end (repeat back across)

Finish up strong with…

  • Squat jump across 1st court, Bear crawl across 2nd court, crab walk across 3rd court – 20 RBCs at end (repeat back across)

Wall Work

  • People’s chair with bonus Air press IC x20
  • 20 wall taps
  • 10 Donkey kicks
  • … and repeato

4 corners

  • Lap 1 – regular run with 5 Yurpees at each corner
  • Lap 2 – regular run with 5 WWIIs at each corner

Extra Credit at the shelter

  • 20 dips x2


Low Flutter x20 IC
Low Dolly x10 IC
1 minute “H” abs

Recover, Recover



  • Prayers for Porto’s foot to continue healing.
  • Prayers for Big Blues leg issues.
  • All unspoken prayers



  • The patriarch of Afton has the mic on Saturday.  Don’t miss it out on a 4-Wide pain session.
  • Christmas at the Orphanage on 12/18…details for Sweet Tooth party: up sheet with wish list linked inside:
  • Save the date: 2020 Gremlin – January 18, 2020 – Pre-Blast Information
  • Next QSource: December 14th
  • Regional HDHH this Wednesday: December 4th


It was great getting back at the Q for a Beatdown. I appreciate the pax showing strong and playing along.  I likely missed a few datails in the backblast as I may have been winging it a bit this am…plus Terrible Towel was supposed to be taking notes and he left me hanging (#Millennials).  Also, great work by Timout.  Let’s finish December and 2019 out strong!




Hop Hunter

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