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F3 MeCa | July 8, 2020

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Post Thanksgiving Pain

  • When: 11/30/19
  • QIC: Look Me Up
  • The PAX: Psycho T, TP, Spud, tombstone, Popeye, Gabe Reisinger FNG

Beautiful upper 40’s and overcast morning.  Post thanksgiving fellowship and food.  Pre-Rain later today.

Mosey to steam plant to warm up

SSH x 20

Arm circles forward and back

Mtn Climbers x 20

Runners stretch

Mosey to hospital parking deck

8 burpees OYO at each level. Run up each level the long way.  4 levels for a total of 32 burpees.  Down the shaft

Mosey to spine center

30 squat samurai kicks

30 walking lunge

Mosey via the long route to Bev Hills Park (tennis court)

30 IC Freddie Merks

20 IC Low flutter


2:00 elbow plank LMU special as always

Run back to spine Center via the shortest route

Circle Merk

2 of each: regular, wide, diamond

5 total revolutions completed


Lots of stretching and sufficient cool down.


6 pax joined the Q for a great morning workout.  Awesome to see The legend of local toasted beans Gabe Reisinger in the house.  Keep coming back young man.  It does get easier.  We decided to hit up GWC for coffeteria after.  Would have been awkward otherwise.  Catfish joined us for Mary after his 11 mile run this morning.  Said his air pods went out at mile 9.  I’m fairly certain during that 2 mile stretch there was some back and forth conversation with himself.  He’s looking ready for that half marathon.  Svelte, skinny cheeks and looking like a man ready to do battle with 13 road miles.

Overall we trekked 3.5 plus miles.  Focused on core, chest/shoulders, legs, all the muscle groups burpees handle and some good cardio at different stations.

At GWC the main topics of conversation centered around local politics with the Concord Mafia and cooked meats.  Such as Hardee’s venison burger, local Chinese places using roadkill venison (and getting caught in the act) and Goat.  Which is a tombstone beach vacation favorite.  Gunny and Manvil joined us for coffee.  We really missed Backdraft and all his greatness.  I think there were rumors of Ace and possible Grover coming this morning.  Psycho T made his presence felt.  I think they pulled a Popeye and had a bit too much fun at Southern Strain last night.

I’m thankful for this group.  I’m thankful more than ever for my family and my faith.  They both ground me, motivate me and provide grace for when I fail.  LMU out.


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