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F3 MeCa | July 9, 2020

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good things come in 3’s

  • When: 11/27/19
  • QIC: Booter
  • The PAX: 4-wide, Hop Hunter, Amway, TT, Guiness, Otto, Shooter, Big Blue, Rooster, Gig 'Em, Porto, Sir Topham, Hat

It has ben a while since Booter was at the helm, but due to a change in schedules, he was able to lead a group of 13 for a pre-Thanksgiving beatdown. In the words of the once-famous, one-hit-wonders, Tag Team- “It goes a little something like this…”

525am- Q gets out for a quick stretch and is met with 2 Pax, then the crowd came.

529am- Disclaimer was given to a group of 13 (well, 12 1/2…Porto) and we were off.

Mosey around back of tennis courts for a little jog and end up at the tennis courts to warm up

SSH x15 IC

IST x15 IC

Cotton Pickers x10 IC

Arm circles

Merkins x10 IC

Q recommended we use the headlamps everyone brought, let’s Mosey

Wonder around the disc golf course, stopping for pain-stations along the way

3 exercises x 20 reps- Merkins, Squats and LBC’s. Do one exercise at each hole, then mosey on.

return to the tennis court and Oh look, a wall!!!! Let’s check it out!

Partner up. 3 exercises, 3 rounds each- People’s chair, wall taps, squats

Partner 1 runs lap while partner 2 does exercise 1, switch and repeat, do 3 rounds for each exercise. (Q’s legs are now shot)

Need to kill some time so a Merkin train was enjoyed by all (Q’s arms are now shot)

Mosey to picnic tables

3 exercises, 3 rounds each – Dips, Incline merkins, decline merkins. x 20( Time ran out so we did 10 reps for last two sets)

Recover to Mary

on your 6

low flutter x15 IC

RBC’s x15 IC

Squirm OYO for 30 seconds

low dolly x15 IC

Recover, Recover!

Announcements: Check slack for more info

F3 helping out orphanage

Gremlin 2020

Various Turkey Trots tomorrow (Laurel Park is a big one)

Something about AO stickers, see your master Q

Thanks for the chance to lead today, I thoroughly enjoyed the company. I can attest, everyone worked hard enough and earned an extra dessert tomorrow. Remember all that we have to be thankful for and take the long weekend and enjoy time with your families!



Jeff Wedner

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