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F3 MeCa | July 7, 2020

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Chilly Bells

  • When: 11/08/19
  • QIC: Dr. Lecter
  • The PAX: Solo Cup, Gamma, Sheepdog, Practice, Bear Claw, Exit 54, Gapper, Clueless, Cowpens, Dr. Lecter

YHC pulled into Stallings Road Park this morning only to see several PAX dressed like they were preparing for the Iditarod on this fine 50 degree morning. Guys with long pants, long sleeves and hats while YHC braved those frigid temperatures in shorts, short sleeve shirt and no hat. Not sure why everyone else felt like they needed to bundle up, but that didn’t stop anyone from putting in strong work. Even the coldest Eskimo would soon be warm enough once the PAX got moving. 10 HIM came out to get their Friday started off right at Harrisburg Iron and they are better for it. Here’s what they did.

Mosey to end of the parking lot by the tennis courts. Disclaimer given.


SSH x20

Merkin x10

Mountain Climbers x10

IST x15

The Thang

4 sets of 3 exercises each, reps performed in ladder fashion OYO. x6, x8, x10, x8, x6

Set 1

Kettlebell Swings


Outhouse Curls

Set 2

Sumo squat

Single Arm Chest press

American Hammer

Set 3

Skull Crushers

Shoulder press

Goblet squat

Set 4

Upright row

Heavy Baby crunch

Tricep side raise

Finished with 10 more reps of each exercise


Pretzel crunch x15

Low FLutter x20



  • Be on the lookout for info regarding the orphanage Christmas party.
  • Sign up for the Santa Scramble and join Cowpens in his first ever 5k. Concord 11/23 at 2pm




  1. DrLecter

    Always an honor to lead!

  2. SheepDog

    Good beatdown this morning @DrLecter. I liked coming back to all the exercises at the end. Good way to start the weekend.

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