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F3 MeCa | June 1, 2020

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The Frozen Bird?

  • When: 11/07/19
  • QIC: Uecker
  • The PAX: Habs, Talladega, Hop Hunter, 4-Wide, Spauldini, Buck, Yellowcake, Tugboat Willie, Uecker

5:00 am – Woke up from a sound sleep in panic mode that I was late!  YHC had called out some guys to ensure I wouldn’t be running alone in the cold.  Tugboat willie was ready to go, and yellow cake too!  but Pharaoh told Talladega to come and then forgot to set his alarm clock!  Hop Hunter was there, but he must have gotten confused and invited 4-wide instead of Hokie Pokie, but that’s ok, it was great to see 4-wide!  Habs was there and his prediction was correct about the runners being stronger than ruckers!  Spauldini wasn’t going to let the Ruckers get a zero so he was there, and Buck came with him! I will give them +2 ghost ruckers as Torch couldn’t be there because 2.0 was making his birthday debut at the hospital! Congrats again!  Sausage was sleeping over at Dr. Seuss house and you know how the alarm clock works at that house!  Ticonderoga, Bunion, Knucklesandwich, and Turbine didn’t take me up on my offer of a run day, but there’s always next time!

5:30 am – Right on time, all the gear on blinkies, vest, and my cool yellow F3 long sleeve pull over that didn’t get any love from the other men out today, but I digress.

YHC decided we would run the bird, but lets not do the stick first!  My reasoning is simple, its dark and colder down that street, and I wanted to stay warm!  (Makes sense in my mind)  We started off at a pretty fast pace, and I said to Yellowcake either we are running faster, or the cold is really beating up my lungs today.  It was confirmed afterwards that we were running faster, as Yellowcake had like 10 PR’s at his 8 min mile pace! Congrats brother, all the hard work is paying off!  About 2 miles in Tugboat came back and started keeping YHC company, his first words were “we are training for the 1/2 Marathon and you will not stop running”, so I had to listen.  We ran almost 4 miles before I had to stop because of a cramp.  When we got back towards the entrance, the Gazelles wanted more with 8 min to go so they hit the stick part of the bird, the others headed back towards the parking lot with the ruckers.  Overall 4-6 miles were put in and we had a great run!

Thanks for the Fellowship and push today!

Scottie Altschuler

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