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F3 MeCa | June 1, 2020

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Death By Tabata

  • When: 11/07/19
  • QIC: Indiana
  • The PAX: EL AL, PT, Freshcut, Trick , Grover, Tombstone, Gunny, Backdraft, Spud, Homeland, Phidip, Indy, Luthor, Hops, Catfish

15 PAX. Cold. Clear. Winds Calm.

Indian Run to Belk lot


5 count negative Merks with Leg lifts
SSH x 20
AS x 10
Mt Climbers x 15
Runners Stretch

Mosey to lot above 216



40sec AMRAP/20sec alternate plank exercise

2 cycles of 3

IST squats 40sec / Mt Climbers 20 sec

Core Killers / Plank Jacks

Down Dog Merks / Elbow Plank

Run a lap to recover

Back to Tabata 40/20
2 Cycles of 3

Windmill merks 40 sec / Mt Climbers 20 sec

Jump Lunges / Stump Jumpers

Rockers / Plank with knees to elbow

Run a FAST lap to recover

Mosey to Rock Pile
Grab small rock or paver or cinder block

Weighted Mary

KGBs with stone
WW 2s with stone
Alt Supermans
Alt Leg V ups with stone


Liking the weather.  Good company. Continuous motion. Some light chatter and mumbles at times.  Love seeing my man Luthor come running in like a flash. Damn the speed.  Hops had a sharp haircut not to be outdone.  Grover and Phidip did some racin.  Thank you for rolling the 12 inches to the edge of the bed and hitting the deck this AM. My wingman is AWOL chasing meat. We closed in old fashioned Ball of Man and prayed for our blessings and for healing for EL ALs mom.



An exhoratation to another Pax (or to oneself) to improve attitude, to not take things seriously that don’t warrant being taken seriously, and in general to approach life in a positive way. It is the belief of The Nation that no one hates Bacon. No one is sad to see Bacon. Even vegetarians and vegans probably like the smell of bacon, and would likely eat tofu bacon (if there is such a thing). Basically, it means to make yourself and your personality as agreeable and as widely loved as Bacon.


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