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F3 MeCa | September 21, 2020

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A Simple Request From Your COMZ Q: Please Write Pre-blasts

The message is really that simple: if you’ve got an event for the PAX in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd F – write a preblast. Oh, I’m sure you have questions.


If you want people to join you in some endeavor and people are more likely to join your endeavor if you communicate the basic logistics. People follow people that appear to have a plan.

Yeah, I already shared it on [Slack, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, Friendster…] why do I need to re-write it here?

The region website is a platform completely under the control of your fellow PAX, allows for quick edits and links can be dropped into a periodic e-mail sent to all region PAX. You can edit the content of a post easily without changing the URL link – instant version control.

It’s not on social media – I just want people to sign up. Why would they click two links?

First, people would keep clicking if they are interested (YHC will click to find the bottom of a Twitter thread). Second, you might want to elaborate more that what’s allowed in sign-up genius or a static link (see Heatstroke selling some t-shirts). Finally, the comments section allows you to answer questions – SignUp Genius provides no comments.

I’m still not convinced. Make me a believer.

Closing arguments

  • If you want your message linked in an e-mail: you’re going to need to write a pre-blast on this here site.
  • In addition to the reasons previously stated, it provides a consistency in communication. People tend the follow the familiar.
  • In the future, someone else will embark on a similar endeavor as yours. Your communication could be their template.

Being an intelligent and rational person: I’m now convinced. However, my endeavor isn’t an F3 endeavor.

It’s F3 related if it involves you. Simply put: would you like to involve other people in your endeavor?  It could be a CSAUP. It could be getting people to help out with your daughter’s fundraiser or you son’s Eagle Scout project. Maybe it’s a new ministry at your church you’re leading. You need people to help you move.

Communicating is a key part of leadership. You have a platform and an audience, the preblast is your opening argument. Here’s a template. Get after it.

If you’re worried it’s inappropriate for this site for a preblast, we’ll let you know.


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