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F3 MeCa | May 28, 2020

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My Favorite Things

  • When: 10/112/2019
  • QIC: Hot Wheels
  • The PAX: Hot Wheels,Sandbag, Disaster, Glock, Bon Voy, Pony Boy, Deep Dish, KoolAid, Avalanche, ONJ, Ambassador, Murdoch, Duffel Bag,

13 PAX roll in for a cool morning of fun.  My Favorite Things are a collection of the workouts experienced at highlands MCP that were the most challenging for YHC.  This group being known for their mubblechatter, the strategy here is to keep the exhaustion level high and the noise level down.

Warm O Rama

Mosey to a parking lot for, 20SSH, 10CP/10WM, 20IST, 10 Slow Mercins, 20 Mountain Climbers and arm rows.

The Thang

Mosey over to the adjacent soccer fields and line up along the side line, facing the opposite side line. The PAX will execute a 0 – 10 double Mercin ladder.

Location change VIA Mosey to the covered Pick-nick area in between the baseball fields.  At the closed gate, please pause for a 60 second commercial break sponsored by Glock LBC’s. immediately following the break, the mosey resumes to the covered area for an exercise  medley of Dips/Step Ups. Step ups, 1 rep = both legs.  5reps/10reps/15reps/10reps/5reps.

Location change with a  mosey to the rock pile for a partner work out with timer. Each partner team selects a rock, and circles up.  Partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 runs as the timer around the fenced island. 6 planned, 3 executed exercises as noted below.

200 Curls

200 Bench Press

60 second commercial brought to you by the Glock, Plank with alternating arm extensions.

200 Xtensions

Location change to The Hill, F3 Line Run to the slat rail/gate for 20 WWII sit ups…. Continue mosey to The Hill…  Line up at the cut grass line unless you’re Disaster, then line up anywhere. On go, Sprint up the hill and ease your way back down, Again, Go, Again Go – take a left at the top of the hill and Mosey on over to MARY.


20 Freddy Mercury’s, 20 Low Flutters, 20 Mason Twist with a Glock lead eloquent cadence and close this deal out with a nice long Plank, 60 secs, then right arm up 30 Secs, Left arm up 30 Secs, and Recover, Recover, Recover.

Announcements – Time Lapse is coming up on us in 197 days,College Football starts in 5 weeks ago and the F3 Field Day is coming up on 11/2 at Kannon, Glock has the run covered, Highlands putting together a team and hot wheels building a team of Respects from Tradition/Precinct, we could build 2 respect teams from the Highlands/Tradition/Precinct Combo – if interested message YHC.

Prayer – For all F3 bothers that need healing for anything, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual that is interfering with them being the very best version of themselves, and for Riley family as they celebrate the life of John Riley this Sunday the 13th at Stonebridge Church 3pm.

Thanks for sharing your AO with YHC this morning and entertaining all my shenanigans, known as My Favorite Things.




  1. HotWheels

    Do you guys read this?

  2. Dutch Boy

    Every pine @HotWheels

  3. Disaster

    I read every backblast. Nice work out there @Hot Wheels. You gave a strong attempt at ruining my Saturday. Thanks for giving @Murdock the day off from the Saturday Q.

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