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F3 MeCa | May 29, 2020

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A Pair to Launch, Three More to Finish

  • When: 10/12/19
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Audit, Yellowcake, Hop Hunter, Rooster

YHC had a crazy, busy week at work and didn’t have time to plan out an elaborate beatdown, so he was pulling one out of from the past.  After missing the pre-ruck, YHC made it to the AO about 0630 for a quick recon of an spot on the outskirts of Dorton, but no rising sun or park lights made it too dark to survey.  So back to the launch point to wait for the pax to come.

0650 YHC was alone and still the same at 0655 when 4 Wide finished his morning run. Then Audit was the first to arrive and then… well nobody else came so it was Audit and I with the 0700 launch.


  • Mosey around the path beyond the bridge
  • SSHs x20 IC, Pickers x15 IC, Toy Soldiers x15 IC, Windmills x20 IC

YHCs planned BD would have to be shelved today with just two of us.  So an audible was called.  Here’s the rest of the show:

  • A walk to the bridge for a 10×2 ladder:  Shoulder ups and Merkins with the ladder in increments of 2
  • Mosey to the tennis courts for some wall fun
  • People’s Chair, Jump up Wall taps x15, Donkey Kicks x20, Balls to the Wall
  • Mosey along the frisbee golf path, stopping at the holes or flood water markers with a single set at each spot: squats, lunges, WWIIs, Leg stretch & taps
  • YHC went back to the area he was scouting  near the edge of the park, under the I-85 bridge. YHC thought there would be a smooth concrete incline right up to the underneath of the bridge deck, perfect for bear crawls, quadraphelias and other stuff, only to find it was a pile of rocks.  So a quick set of exercises under the bridge:  Incline Merks on the bridge support pillars, run up the pillars and push off and box jumps on a concrete block
  • Mosey back to home base where we picked up a trio of runners.  Over the the playground area for what going to be a 10-1 ladder of pull-ups and WWIIs until time was called for a quick Mary.

A short Mary with Extractor’s leg climbs x10 each leg, Dying Cockroaches x10 IC, LBCs x10 IC and time was called.

Lots of pax out for a variety of reasons, travels, kids sports, race in town and more. Enjoyed the BD with Audit and the chatter throughout.

Until next time…

Always an honor!



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