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F3 MeCa | May 27, 2020

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Another Crazy 8 Day

  • When: 10/11/19
  • QIC: Pox
  • The PAX: Firestone, HeatStroke, Manwich, HotPack, Pox

5 Stoners tested their performance with another try at Pox’s Crazy 8s.

It went something like this:

Warm-o-rama: mosey around lot with some slides, butt kickers, and high knees; COP with PVC for various PVC passthroughs, sorts presses, merkins, cotton pickers, air squats, and toe touches

M1: ‘Crazy 8s’
4 Rounds for Time, CAP 16min

  • 8 Tire Flips (4one way, 4 back)
  • 8 Wall Balls (full squat, 10ft with 20lb slamball)
  • 8 Tuck-ups 8 Gorilla Pulls (Use pair of 35lb KB or modify down)
  • 8 KB Swings (Use 1.5pood or modify down)
  • 8 Air Squats (Must break Parallel
  • 8 Inverted Shoulder Taps (Balls to Wall to Get-Up in Position)
  • 80 Single Unders (or 40 Double Unders)

M2: None, but there was a Firestone detour to the Gas Station

M3 (Abbreviated): hamstrings, calfs on wall, couch stretch, paleo stretch


  • About one month ago we brought back crazy 8s, this month big improvements were made
  • HotPack showed everyone how to get it done with a blistering 11:09 time smashing previous RS records (see all scores in google sheet hereor copy and paste
  • The small and fast Pax meant we ended with 5 min to spare, YHQs apologies, but I did have some work to do today
  • Word of the day: Dilation


  • On October 11, 2019


  1. If we do this again, can anyone break 11min? my money is on hot pack

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