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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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F3 Mettle Man-up: Different is Better, Even if it is Not

  • When: 10/07/19
  • QIC: Ambassador
  • The PAX: Black Sheep, Pony Boy, Poutine, Buffalo Bill, Juice, Gump, Retread, Stig, War Eagle, Dutch Boy, Ricky Fokker, Overdraft, Gordo, Hugo, Sparky

16 surprisingly energized men showed up in the gloom for a Monday morning kettlebell workout and based on the sweat silhouettes left on the parking lot each got their money’s worth.  Instead of a ladder-based workout, we introduced several new/modified exercises in a back-to-back format focussed on upper body, core and glutes. With the assistance of a laminated list set in 20-point font (because the Q is old as dirt), we packed it all into the allotted time:

30-second stretches:
• Hamstrings – both legs
• Calves – hurdles
• Pendulums – feet apart, bend one knee then switch
• Goose-steps for hamstrings and quads
25 Side straddle hops
3/4 mosey to top of parking lot;  karaoke back
High-knee hops to top; right side slide back
High-knee wipes into lunge walk to top; left side slide back


  • Kettlebells held like goblet – lunge walk to playground
  • 10 pull ups – palms facing
  • 10 deadlifts – elbows level, shoulders rolled at top, feet to chin
  • 5 clean and press – right arm
  • 5 clean and press – left arm
  • 10 Lawn Mowers – right side
  • 10 Lawn Mowers – left side
  • 10 pull ups – palms away
  • 10 step-ups each leg on wood wall
  • 5 Right arm archers (across chest)
  • 5 Left arm archers (across chest)
  • 10 Sumo stance deadlifts – slow cadence
  • Kettlebells held like goblet – lunge walk to parking lot
  • High-Pull plus sideways slide
  • Single-leg glute bridge – right – ten count
  • Single-leg glute bridge – left – ten count
  • Kettle Burpee to High-Pull – 10 count


  • Gunners – hands behind head; elbow to opposite knee on four-count (20)
  • Over-and-Unders with push-up in between in cadence (10)
  • Arm circles – small to large then reverse.
    • Alternating hands up and down
    • Torso twists with arms up and rotating at the hips back and forth to activate the abdominals and lower back.

The Q then threw-up.



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