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F3 MeCa | February 21, 2020

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The “where is everyone?”, run.

  • When: 09/10/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Crabs, Booyah, Othello

YHC wasn’t feeling the “pre-run” today after coming off of the BRR this weekend so I fartsacked a bit.  Crabs assumed we were posting and sat in his car from 0500-0515 wondering, “where is everyone?”  A minute later YHC pulls up , still half groggy wondering the same.  0530 came way too fast and we were off.

Keeping it short and sweet today to give the legs a rest.  See below.

Back at the shovel flag…oh…right…there was no shovel flag because someone (who will remain nameless) had his head in the clouds (hint-hint) studying for his meteorological lab.  Good excuse but doesn’t exclude us from 10 extra burpees tomorrow – our penalty when a Pax member does not bring the flag to the next beatdown/run.

Any-whos – Booyah arrived at 0540, didn’t see us leave, ran in circles for a while and then met back with us at the cars.



  • There are still a few holes on the calendar that needs filling.  Thank you to those who stepped up already.
  • Brixx race this Saturday
  • Bluecrush has Bain tomorrow
  • Broga is open, YHC just might take it for a good-ol stretchy time
  • Drop Thrill has Metal on Friday
  • Highchair is Q’ing The Vet on Saturday (hope you are feeling better buddy), Crabs is Q’ing Qsource at Vintners – PLEASE POST!
  • TAP’s – going out to Chum and his family for the loss of his Aunt.


  • Crabs-great stories about your “Rainbow Colored” Grand Canyon Trip.
  • Booyah – Thanks for coming out and looking for us
  • Nimbus – Thanks for putting your school work first and NOT bringing the flag.  It only makes us stronger, AYE!
  • Always an honor to lead you men. SYITG!

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