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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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Clubhouse Back and Forth Beatdown

  • When: 9/10/2019
  • QIC: Blowout
  • The PAX: Laser, 2Step, R2D2, King Louie

5 PAX showed on a muggy September morning for a beatdown that took its toll on YHC’s upper body. I hope everyone else got a good pump as well. It was good to see Laser is still standing after all of his training and his performance on a 10-man BRR team. YCH admitted to the PAX that this morning’s Q was a modified version of a 2Step special that was delivered back in 2017. Sometimes you have to look back through the BackbBlasts for inspiration! It went a little something like this:


  • SSH x 20
  • Windmill x 10
  • IST x  15
  •  Mountain Climber x 10

Short mosey to the DL clubhouse for the Thang.

The Thang:

Split into 2 Groups that will alternate sprinting to the clubhouse entrance and the other end of the parking lot (dumpster) for some intense workouts:

  • Round 1
    Everyone does 10 Merkins in cadence to start at Davis Lake clubhouse building. Group 1 runs to entrance and does 20 WWII Situps. Group 2 runs to the end of the parking lot and does 20 Squat Presses with rocks. Everyone comes back to the middle and does 5 Merkins (YHC modifies to 5 after the first round..) before switching with Group 2 running to the entrance and Group 1 to the end of the parking lot.
    Complete 3 rounds.
  • Round 2:
    Same as round 1 but Group 1 does 20 lunges at entrance and Group 2 does 20 curls with rocks at the end of the parking lot with 5 Merkins in the middle each time.
    Complete 3 rounds

2 Step and R2D2 out at 0600.  YCH, Laser, and King Louie mosey to the DL playground area for some more upper body pain:

  • 25 Dips in cadence
  • 25 Chest Press with Rocks
  • 15 Skull Crushers with Rocks
  • 20 Curls with Rocks

Repeat x 2


  • LBC x 25
  • Low Flutter x  25
  • Homer to Marge x 5

Announcements and COT: F3 Meca Field Day November 2nd. 5 Men needed for a team; YHC sees potential to combine forces with The Valley AO to get the 5 PAX required.

  • On September 10, 2019

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