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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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2019 BRR – Double Dawg Dare

  • When: 09/06/19
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: Laser, Othello, Rooster, Rerun, Pharaoh, Anvil, Mayhem, Chicken Strip, Pocahontas

BRR 2019 stories

The worst deal of all time or the great train robbery: Chicken Strip trading his 4 legs (including 15 and 35) to Othello for 3 easy/moderate legs.

As the van passes Othello on the Grandfather mountain climb he says “wait, come here Chicken Strip. Fuck you.”

After Hop Hunter finishes Leg 11 and is struggling to catch his breath his first words are “7 kills.”

Unknown stranger walks up to a shirtless Anvil (duh) and his first words ever to him are: “I didn’t know they let bears run this race.”

4 bear sightings plus one more as Hop Hunter says there’s a bear up ahead as we come up on Anvil on his first leg.

At EZ 26 after Pharaoh takes off on his 9 mile Leg 27 Chicken Strip realizes he left his shoes at EZ 24 the firehouse. He decides to drive back and look for them but can’t find them. The trip takes much longer than expected and he soon realizes they’ll be late to swap at EZ 27. After missing a turn and Othello driving like a madman at 3AM they finally arrive at the EZ. Chicken Strip shouts 118 only to hear laughter and a race official say walk over here with me. Pharaoh had arrived a long time ago searched the lot and couldn’t find us so he asked the race official who consulted the rules and let Pharaoh take off on the next leg. Due to confusion Chicken Strip took off being told he couldn’t swap with Pharaoh on the road. One mile in, the van returned with Pharaoh after picking him up. They grabbed Chicken Strip and dropped him off where Pharaoh had gotten 2.5 miles into the run (like a champ). He finished the leg met Captain Kangaroo, Pharaoh’s running buddy and endured the laughter at the finish line.

We became the rescuers helping 3 runners who had gone the wrong way in the van and Pharaoh redirected 2 more lost runners on Leg 7. All in the daylight!

As Rooster was lamenting his extended Leg 36, Chicken Strip was excited about the new finished and didn’t care the extra mileage Rooster had to endure. Rooster then challenged CS to join him at the exit of the Parkway. After much confusion in the van, CS decided to run from the brewery to the parkway 2.5 miles away. There he met and injured Rooster who had a very cramped and knotted right calf and the 2 completed the final 2.5 miles together to the finish.

Rooster got held up on Leg 26 as a runner just before him had gotten bit by a dog. 2 runners ignored the blockade (much to his dismay). One of the cheaters handed off to a guy who was disappointed he could only get 5 kills (not the 31 he had on Leg 15) since they were the 6th team out of the EZ.

Anvil’s streak of shirtless relay run legs is intact.

Mayhem despite pain in his heel that he described as a knife jabbing into it, gutted out 4.8 miles to finish Leg 30.

Pharaoh was a gentlemen among scholars and multiple times provided an umbrella and a chair to runners as they completed their legs.

While waiting on Anvil at EZ 29, Mayhem had to visit the port a potty saying he knew Anvil would show up if he did. Sure enough Anvil came around the corner and we yelled Mayhem Anvil’s here! To hear a reply of “I know!” And once again team 118 left their runner waiting at the exchange.

The parking ticket

Anvil and Mayhem slept in the active van and after swapping the other runners awoke to find a whole new set of runners and at a completely different place.

The chili at the firehouse was a bad choice for multiple individuals.

Pharaoh and Chicken Strip finally hitting 10k steps at 7PM on Friday.

Getting to the cabin

Hop Hunter’s missing phone

But it will be fun! Anvil shares the most accurate BRR video and inspires a new team name:

Photos and videos here:

Chicken Strip

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