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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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Swings? Lawn Mowers? Snatches? Plank Pull Thingies?

  • When: 08/30/19
  • QIC: Booyah
  • The PAX: Blue Crush, Chum

I really don’t know much about anything but i REALLY don’t know much about kettlebells or weights in general.  Lifting has never been my thing.  It might never be but I’ve enjoyed Metal the last month or three since I started posting every now and again.  When Othello passed around the clipboard I took the last available date and genuinely had nary a clue about how to q a gear work out but F3 is all about branching out and learning out to lead from the back.



Roll in at 0529, quickly plant the shovel flag, grab gloves and KB

Greet Chum and Blue Crush and quickly get started.

Mosey to Wilgrove-Mint Hill Rd and back.



10 KB swings

There may have been one more exercise in COP but I sincerely don’t remember.

Suitcase carry your bell in one hand from the bottom of the parking lot to the the end of the batting cage.  Flapjack back to the bottom of the parking lot.

Mosey to the picnic tables for step up presses on each arm and leg.

Mosey to old basketball court American Hammers, Lougainisis(sp?,)some sort of side lunge thing and some lawn mowers.

Repeato all of that and take the long way back to the flag for another set of American Hammers and some LBC variables.



Thanks to Chum and Blue Crush, two kettle bell veterans for putting up with a novice who clearly didn’t know what he was doing but who was also 100 percent comfortable with not knowing what he was doing.


See ya’ll next time.

Adam Butler

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