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F3 MeCa | July 11, 2020

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The Month From Hill – Skinner’s Hills

  • When: 8/15/2019
  • QIC: Anvil
  • The PAX: Tugboat Willie, Hop Hunter, Heatstroke, Mayhem, Exit 54, Landlord

7 Pax stepped into the humid gloom to grind their boots on Homeland’s couch, and got stronger in the process.  Admittedly YHC was a little concern about the possibly of having to run this one on my own, but after an early HC from our very own MeCa Nantan Heatstroke I knew I could count on having some company.  Then I pulled into the OCT parking lot at 5:20 and there was Exit54’s car, who was already out there on the hill putting in work(true Beast Mode).  Shortly after Tugboat Willie pulled into the parking lot (who drove from Skinner’s Hills so that he wouldn’t miss out on the fellowship during the run to and from) welcome to Concord hope to see you at OCT and ASEC more in the future.  Hop Hunter, Heatstroke, and Mayhem pulled in shortly after bring our count to 6 and we where off to sweat and grind our way the series of hills that make up Skinner’s Hills.  At some point during all this fun Landlord in true Landlord fashion appeared out of fog and joined us bringing us to our final count of 7.   We finished our journey and made our way back to the Old Courthouse Theater where we exchanged pleasantries and we discussed Strava segments and crowns and Exit 54 told Landlord that he was a nice guy and was Number 1 in his book.

I like to thank everyone that came out this morning to humor me and my crazy idea.  Please join us Monday as the Month From Hill continues launching from the Precinct AO at 5:30 we will be running  Avon Farm




  • On August 15, 2019


  1. Backdraft

    Anal you are the man I wish I were as tough and strong as you. Sorry I didn’t jion Y O U thas morning butt I wos kinda scarred that was way two tough of a run four me. Keyp up tha good werk


  2. BayCityRoller

    you are truly a beast keep up the good work and never stop running

  3. FireChicken

    Go Hokies!!!

  4. Manvil!!!!

  5. Mayweather

    Good run I would have joined you but Indy was at Homeland’s Q

  6. Indiana

    Great job man!! Hate I missed it but Mayweather was at Homeland’s Q

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