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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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2 year anniversary Kannon convergence

  • When: 8/10/19
  • QIC: Fire Chicken, Grandmaster, Backdraft, Catfish
  • The PAX: Pocahontas, Tombstone, Total Package, Loafter, Gooney, Ragnar, Flea, ONJ, Rawhide, G-vegas, Indy, Anvil, Capt Morgan, Mighty Mouse, Cupid, Patty Cake, Next Door, The Burgh, Homeland, Guiness, Gunny, Red Oak, Opie, El Ab, Grover, Private Ryan, Hops, Luthor, Frostbite, Gig Em,, Shooter, Sir topham, The Squid, Audit, Doctor Love, Dark Helmet

40 gathered from far and wide to come celebrate Kannon’s second year or was it to see Fire Chicken’s MQ reign come to an abrupt end???  We’ll never know but either way everyone got beatdown for sure…quick disclaimer by YHC and Catfish kicked us off…

Warm-O-Rama: Led by Catfish we headed down main st. with a quick mosey through Memorial Park and back around to the Echo chamber for SSH’s x 25 IC, Hillbillies x 15 IC, and TP hamstring stretch…a few times.  Count off by 3’s…which always seems to be difficult for some reason and take off with your respective group leader.

Station 1 (Fire Chicken): Parking deck first floor/front stairwell… 10:1 Down Dog merks/Freddy merks ladder.  Complete first round and run up stairwell to level 6 for 6 burpees and back down to first floor to continue ladder.  Back up stairwell but this time stopping at level 5 for 5 burpees.  Rinse & repeat going down until reaching level 3 for 3 burpees and then begin working your way back up stairwell to level 6 if time permits before rotating

Station 2 (Backdraft): Parking deck ramps/back stairwell…partner up with partner 1 performing quadrophelia while other partner completes 5 burpees then sprints, or not, to catch up and switch.  Rinse & repeat all the way up until you get to the top then run down back stairwell and start over until told to rotate

Station 3 (Grandmaster): Switzerland…partner up…with the Iron railroad plates for 100 curls, 100 skull crushers, 100 rows, 100 presses (cumulative) while partner 1 is performing the plate exercises partner 2 exits Switzerland down to sidewalk for 5 V-ups and then back to switch…rinse and repeat until rotating.

Mary: Catfish led all pax through…Brazilians x 25 IC(for our brother Trick Daddy who’s currently in Brazil for another month or so on Mission) J-lows x 15 IC, and some down dog, cobra(upward dog), child’s pose, and runners stretch to finish off.

Prayers/Announcements: Prayers for Dean(catfish’s 2.0 traveling back from china), Cupid’s mother and her recovery from a punctured lung, Sir Topham’s eye healing.  The power of F3 Nation with quick story from Dark Helmet about pulling over to help stranded car with 2 women and they recognized the F3 sticker on his car and knew that it was a good person, it’s subjective, pulling over to offer help.

Moleskin: We appreciate the attendance/support today from the Region, and Nation, and it was good to see some faces that we hadn’t seen in awhile.  Some were more difficult to pick out than others…i.e. Grover who was trying to pull his best “I’m related to Indy” or “Call me grizzly adams” impression.  Missed a number of Concord pax who are still somewhat scared to see what it’s like to cross the bridge and receive a beat down.  Gggg-Vegas was able to come off of baby duty to get his workout on and it looked like his large shirt had become a smedium since he’s been away, hope to see you again soon my friend.  Dark Helmet drove all the way from another state just to show me he does know how to do burpees…until he didn’t and I know as YHC was his partner…HAHA.  We did our best to provide a great beat down with plenty of burpees to go around and if you were up for the challenge of 2 iron plates your arms should be sore later.  Glad that we were able to introduce “down dog merkins” to Dark Helmet who I’m sure will introduce them to other AO’s.

What an awesome 2 years it has been and an honor to be able to start this AO with some pushing/encouraging from Sugar who unfortunately could not attend today.  I look forward to handing over MQ to Grandmaster and I know he’ll do a great job on continuing to push this AO forward.  I do appreciate Dark Helmet for making the trip up today on short notice and also a big thanks for guys like Dark Helmet who not only do great things regionally but have helped this thing called F3 spread across the country where it’s impacted more men, families, communities, etc. far more than any of us will probably ever know.

Always an Honor,

Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken


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