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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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This worked a lot better in my head

  • When: 07/18/19
  • QIC: Dr. Lecter
  • The PAX: Kojak, Practice, Coppertone, Dick Tracy, Robin, Papa John, Jackie Chiles, Parquet, Gamma, Foghorn (FNG Brian), Dr. Lecter

Don’t you just hate it when you have a great beatdown designed and ready for the unsuspecting Pax and then you get out there and it just doesn’t work the way you thought it would? What’s that you say? Never happened to you? Just me? Oh, okay. Moving right along then…


SSH x15

IST x15

Mountain Climbers x15


The Thang

Four stations, one each at the corners of the suicide parking lot. Two exercises at each station. 5 teams. One team is running the loop around the parking lot, while each of the other four are doing the exercises at the station they are at. The runners serve as the timers and when they complete a loop, all teams move to the next station and the next team starts running the loop. This was the plan, but it didn’t work exactly like that.

Station 1 – Squats/plank jacks

Station 2 – Run the hill/burpees

Station 3 – Dips/merkins

Station 4 – Lunges/SSH



Ring of Fire – Pax plank up in a circle. One at time, each man does 10 SSH, then resumes plank and the next man starts SSH. Proceed around the circle until each man has done 10 reps. Second time around, each man does 10 mountain climbers.

LBC x20

Freddie Mercury x15

Pretzel Crunch x15

Low Flutter x15

Squirm x15



  • Prayers for the Walker family, friends of Coppertone. 4 year old Bentley is getting his chemo today and the family is expecting their third child soon. Also, the dad had elbow surgery and isn’t able to help much with the kids right now.
  • Prayers for DT’s childhood pastor and his family who are dealing with multiple health issues.
  • Welcome to Foghorn (FNG Brian). Glad to have you join us. Don’t worry, most workouts are more organized and better explained than this one.
  • Be on the lookout for details regarding the F3 night at the speedway for Summer Shootout. DT will provide details.
  • I appreciate the patience from everyone this morning as things didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. Everyone kept a good attitude and put in some good work.
  • Next on the Dr. Kojak Show – Is Lecter mad? We dig deep into the recesses of his childhood to discover what makes him so angry.
  • “There’s pavement to pound and reps to complete” – Coppertone
  • “Stop bitchin’ and get to work” – DT quoting Gamma


  1. Dick Tracy

    Don’t be hard on yourself. It was fun. Sage wisdom from @Gamma.

  2. PapaJohn

    Now that I see the plan written out, it all makes sense. We’ll get it right the next time, I’m sure. Maybe…

  3. It’s happened to us all. Everyone modified and kept working so that’s all that matters. Great work getting us back on track and making us pay during Mary.

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