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F3 MeCa | February 22, 2020

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F3Concord – Mary Decker Mary Decker

  • When: 06/25/19
  • QIC: Phidippides
  • The PAX: Indy, Backdraft, Sherlock, Psycho T, Deertick, Gunny, Grandmaster, Spud, Mayweather, Tombstone, Catfish, Fire Chicken, Skinner, Waterboy, Cupid, FNG Jordan, Mayweather, Popeye, Luther

20 PAX showed up for happiness and brotherly love on this fine Tuesday morning:

It was warm enough. On to the deck!
(Rds 1-2-3)
V-Ups 10-20-30
1-Arm Side Raises 3-6-9 EACH
Air Squats 10-20-30
Wall Walks 3-6-9
Merks 10-20-30

Run up one level, then Rd 1
Run up two levels, then Rd 2
Run up three levels, then Rd 3
Run up to roof, Bear Crawl long distance across roof, run down stairs to start.
Repeato entire sequence ending with Burpee Broad Jumps short distance across roof

Superman extensions
Prone bent-arm raises

Ain’t gonna lie, this was a good old fashioned beat-down touching all points. Started out nice enough but ended with most of us soaked in our own man juices. Tried to keep the routine simple but progressively tougher. Wall walks were killers but the real fun was running up and down the hot and smelly stairs. Whoever blessed us with the morning gas, you know who you are. Bear crawl may have been a wee bit long. Called “lightning round” to make sure everyone had the opportunity to burpee broad jump but that cost us Mary.

Welcome FNG Jordan. Stick with us!

Prayers lifting up Mayweather’s dad, struggling with health issues, and the two couples he mentioned whose infants have heart issues. There is no better place to direct our prayers than to those who have just come into this world. Make a difference to someone today!



  • On June 25, 2019

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