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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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30 Day Abs Challenge – June 2019

  • When: Month of June
  • QIC: Poutine

Well, summer is not officially here, but we can all agree that it is already summer like!  Having said that, some of us might still carry some extra belly fat from winter and spring.  But the good news is that we have a 30 Day Abs Challenge to the rescue that will only take about 2 minutes in the early days up to 6 minutes on last day.  The goal is to convert that keg looking stomach to a 6 pack ready to showcase by 4th of July.  The attached calendar has it all laid out for you so all you need to do is stick with the challenge. There is no fee to enter the challenge nor a patch for completing the program.  The reward is better looking Abs that you, your M and 2.0s will be proud of.

The Challenge is meant to start easy with 15 seconds planks, 15 seconds *boat, 20 Mason Twists, and 20 Low Flutters.  As we progress through the attached calendar, the length of time and number of reps will increase where by the end of the challenge you should be able to hold a 2 minute plank. 2 minute *boat, etc.

For those that will Q beatdowns in June, the Abs calendar could also be put to good use during MARRY and kill 2 birds with one stone.

Please feel free to message me on Slack with questions and also let me know if you will be doing the challenge. I plan on recognizing all of those who will complete the challenge.

Challenge: 30 Day Abs Challenge

Start date:  June 1st

End date:  June 30th

Sunday is “REST day:  But you can use Sunday for make up day if you skip one of the day during that week

Sign up fee:  None

Patch reward:  None

30 Day ABS Challenge Calendar – June 2019

*Boat exercise: Lay on your back with feet about 6″ off the ground with shoulders and head also off the ground and arms and hands extended in line with your ears like you are signaling a touchdown.



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