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F3 MeCa | September 23, 2019

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Schweddy buddy carries

On this more than humid May morning 15 mighty Dawgs joined YHC out in the gloom to get in some work to get our days started right.  After gathering up, the clock hitting 0530 so off we went.  It went like this……….



–SSH x 15

–Windmills x 15

–Hillbillies x 15

–Mountain climbers x 15



Partner up, size does matter, and grab a cinderblock.  Carry your partner and block between the four corners of the parking lot.  Switch partners at each corner and doing the following exercises:

1st round:  Curls with blocks while partner does burpees and then switch.  Start with 5 reps and increase by 5 reps at each corner.

2nd round:  Presses with blocks while partner does flutter kicks and then switch.  Start with 10 reps and increase by 5 at each corner.



–Low dollys x 20

–Superman pulses x 10OYO

–Freddy Mercurys x 15


Count-off and Name-a-rama





–Keep an eye out on Slack for information about the family in need in Concord.

–Regular beatdowns and pre-runs at the Railyard and Afton.



–Rerun’s daughter recovering from surgery

–Pharaoh’s knee surgery next week

–Anyone traveling over the holiday

–People affected by the severe weather this week.



–Speedo getting his Eagle patch



–Good to see guys figuring out the best way to move their partner and block.  Lots of problem solving going on.

–Buck and Spauldini were working in unison this morning like they had been practicing.  They would have lapped the group if we had went any longer.

–Sorry Tugboat but had to exercise my Q veto and grab Rerun as a partner.

–YHC and Rerun worked through different variations of partner carries but eventually figured out the one that worked for each of us.





  • On May 24, 2019

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