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F3 MeCa | September 21, 2019

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BLIMPS and Four Corners

  • When: 05/21/2019
  • QIC: Big Tuna
  • The PAX: Baby Face, Brutus, Motown, Big Tuna

Four men from the MECA Boondocks AO enjoyed the warmer weather for a challenging beat down at Boondocks – The Village. Motown planted the flag at 5:25 AM and we’re ready to get started at 5:30AM with a quick disclaimer given by YHC. Start with a mosey from the Village parking lot and head next door to the church for today’s fun and festivities!!!

Warm Up
Mosey over to the lower parking lot at the church for:
 B – burpees (10x)
 L – Lunges (10x/leg)
 I – Imperial Storm Troopers (x10, IC)
 M – Merkins – Tempo (x10, IC)
 P – Plank Jacks (x10, IC)
 S – Squats – Low and Slow (x10, IC)
 Backwards run up the hill to upper parking lot

The Thang – Four Corners of Pain!
Each corner with different exercise and rep count: (note – one corner was adjusted slightly due to the 3 CMPD cars that were conducting an early morning meeting in that corner)
 Run the long way and shuffle on the short side
 10 – burpees
 20 – squats
 30 – merkins
 40 – LBC’s

Repeat with double reps, continue with run and shuffle
 20 – burpees
 40 – squats
 60 – merkins
 80 – LBC’s

2nd round with different exercises – continue with run and shuffle
 10 – burpees
 20 – lunges
 30 – WWII’s
 40 – Plank Jacks

Repeat with double reps – continue with run and shuffle
 20 – burpees
 40 – lunges
 60 – WWII’s (modified approx. ½ way for any ab exercise variation)
 80 – Plank Jacks

Mosey down to the lower parking lot for following medley of exercises to the other end:
 Broad Jumps
 Bear Crawl
 Lt Dan

Mosey back to the Village and over to the flag at our starting location for:

Mountain Climbers (x40, IC)

Moleskine / Prayers / Announcements
Prayers for Motown’s mom for improved health.

Reminder of Deuce’s Doom in the Gloom trilogy coming up this week including Boondocks 4th anniversary beat down on 5/23 at Hickory Grove Baptist Church and continuing next week – details in the back blast:

Send Me on My Way

Thanks everyone for coming out this AM – it is easy to stay in bed on mornings like this but it makes the rest of your day much better when getting together and working out with your F3 brothers! This is an awesome group and I’m very fortunate to be part of it. Always a privilege and honor to lead — appreciate the support and fellowship shared today and every day!

Big Tuna

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