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F3 MeCa | July 6, 2020

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Speed Day at the Track…

  • When: 5/2/19
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: Sausage, Dr. Seuss, Torch, Uecker, Mayhem, Booter, Hop Hunter

7 Dawgs (2 ruckers) were up and ready for Thursday cruise.  I’m sure they expected a Bird run or perhaps a cruise to the apartments… what they didn’t know was that YHC was actually early (for a change), so that a quick check of the locks around the check could be conducted.   Well… it was our day.  One of the locks had not been engaged.  YHC cruised back over to the lot to wait for the dawgs fully gather so that the good news could be shared.

We launched at 5:30 and YHC explained to the pax that we would not be hitting the hood and to follow me over to the track for some fun.  The warm up was our run to the track plus 1 lap.  From there the plan was as follows…
1 Lap:    400m at pace
1 Lap:    400m recovery
2 Laps:  800m at pace
1 Lap:    400m recovery
3 Laps:  1200m at pace
1 Lap:    400m recovery
4 Laps:  1600m at pace
*then work your back down until out of time.

Great effort this morning men.  Stava is full of PRs!



  • Prayers for those the UNCC community and the families of the 2 students that lost their lives and 4 injured on Tuesday.
  • Prayers for Booter’s grandmother and her hip recovery
  • Prayers for Submarines back recovery
  • Prayers for Pharaohs knee and a quick recovery
  • All unspoken prayers
Hop Hunter

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