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F3 MeCa | July 7, 2020

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Convergence at UNC Charlotte

  • When: 05/04/19
  • QIC: Forgotten Jelly
  • The PAX: All of MECA

On Tuesday, April 30, UNC Charlotte, where I work and a place very special to me, went through one of the darkest moments of our history. One troubled young man opened fire on students in a classroom, killing two and wounding four. It most likely would’ve been worse if not for the heroic actions of Riley Howell, one of two deceased students. Riley rushed the gunman and made the ultimate sacrifice. This sacrifice gave the UNC Charlotte police more time to react and capture the gunman. Sadly, the second student, Ellis “Reed” Parlier, was killed in the same classroom.

On Saturday, May 4th, we will hold a convergence at Mineshaft to honor these two young men, the four other victims, and all of those impacted by this terrible tragedy. This will be a 45 minute beatdown led by YHC, giving you plenty of time to make it over to Mallard Creek Park to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Highlands. We launch at 0530.

See you in the gloom!

Forgotten Jelly

Forgotten Jelly


  1. Heatstroke

    HC for both!

  2. kilowatt

    UNCC BSME ’02

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