Literal Speed

Four Speedsters ran up and down Highland Creek Parkway.

The Thang:
=>Warm up led by Buffalo Bill out to the front of Highland Creek Parkway with High Knees, Butt Kickers, Stoli Skips (also included a circle back to pick up Turkey)


  • Mosey to first light pole, sprint to next, mosey, sprint…….
  • Continue down parkway to Christenbury

The Frodo aka Baggins Bowl

  • AYG for full Frodo Bowl (Christenbury to Clark Creek), then mosey to next starting point
  • AYG for three quarter bowl (near Cambellton to Christenbury), then mosey to next starting point
  • AYG for half bowl (bottom of hill to Christenbury), then mosey to next starting (we may have done another here?)
  • AYG for quarter bowl (Graburn to Christenbury), then mosey deep into Graburn
  • AYG up Graburn driveway, then back to parkway

=>Mosey back to HCE repeating the light pole fartleks





  1. The weather looked a little gloomy, but it ended up being perfect for Speed….literally.
  2. Great work, men. The Frodo Bowl repeats are no joke….literally.
  3. Total Eclipse of the Heart #youarewelcome
  4. Stoli Skips, but no Stoli. #shocker
  5. SignUp Genius is looking empty. Sign up, people! It’s well worth it and you’ll be glad you did.
  6. Prayers for Buffalo Bill and family as they head to Florida to settle his Aunt’s estate.
  7. Finally, spend some time this weekend with the ones you love. It goes by too fast.